The ban on boarding public transport through the front door has been lifted in Prague

Jan Handrejch

From Monday, passengers will again be able to board trams and buses in Prague’s public transport system using the front door and the first row of seats. The Prague Transport Company (DPP) spokesperson, Aneta Řehková informed it in a press release.

The restriction has been in place since January 17 to protect drivers from the risk of contracting COVID-19. From next weekend, the DPP will reinforce metro operations.

Passengers will still be required to wear a respirator or a nano-mask in all public transport areas, and the automatic opening of all doors will remain so that people do not have to touch the buttons.

Prague’s public transport services now run at longer intervals according to semi-holiday timetables, which will also be maintained on weekdays. However, the city will strengthen weekend metro service, which will return to normal intervals from Saturday, February 26. The spokeswoman added that the town expects full service to resume on March 21.