The clock tower from the Industrial Palace will be taken down

Petr Hloušek

The Industrial Palace at the Prague Exhibition Grounds is undergoing a complete reconstruction. The clock tower will be taken down from the central hall of the palace on Wednesday. Cranes have to help with the several-ton construction.

According to Vít Hofman, a spokesman for Prague City Hall, this is the first time that the entire multi-ton tower structure has been moved as part of the reconstruction of a historic building.

The exact date of the event cannot be specified due to weather conditions. The municipality expects everything to occur between 10 am and 2 pm. The news will be broadcasting the removal of the tower live.

The Palace of Industry was built during the Jubilee Provincial Exhibition in 1891. It is a prefabricated steel structure. The left wing of the building burned down in 2008 and was utterly destroyed. The reconstruction of the palace began this spring.

Prague experienced a similarly challenging operation in 2008, when the dome of the third tower, which had been removed from the building in 1828, was returned to the Malostranská beseda tower.