The Cost of Christmas Trees: Financial and Legal Consequences

As the holiday season approaches, many people turn their attention to the age-old tradition of setting up a Christmas tree. However, in the Czech Republic, this tradition comes with its own set of challenges and costs.

Christmas trees from domestic production are often the most popular choice, varying prices by region. Buyers usually pay around a thousand korunas for spruce or fir and sometimes more than five hundred for a pine tree. Despite the fluctuating prices, the cost of these trees remains relatively stable compared to previous years, with some areas seeing a slight increase of a few percent.

Interestingly, artificial Christmas trees have seen a price increase of roughly eight percent year over year. For example, on the e-shop, trees are now selling for prices ranging from 1990 to 2990 korunas. Snow-covered models or trees already decorated command even higher prices, with consumers paying between 6990 and 8990 korunas.

Given the cost of these trees, some may be tempted to cut down a tree from the forest for free. However, according to the forest law, this is considered theft and is punishable by a fine of up to 15,000 korunas, not including potential compensation for any damage caused.

In response to this, many forest administrators have implemented special measures during the holiday season to prevent theft. These measures often include a temporary ban on entry into the forest or using camera traps to catch thieves. In some cases, endangered trees are treated with a special coating that emits an unpleasant and robust smell once brought into the warmth of home.

Remember that while the tradition of setting up a Christmas tree is cherished this holiday season, it’s vital to source your tree responsibly and legally.