Unique Visual Experience at Signal Festival St. Lucy

Milan Malíček

On the 13th of December, 2023, the baroque castle of Prague Troja will be transformed into a unique visual spectacle. This event, curated by Milan Malíček, is part of the Signal Festival, celebrating St. Lucy’s Day, the year’s longest night.

The concept of the project is a refined blend of extravagant beauty and contemporary art. The setting – a grand baroque castle – and the timing – the longest night of the year – provide a perfect backdrop for this fusion.

The exhibition, named “Svatá Lucie,” will showcase the works of Klára Horáčková, Jan Poš, Karel Šimek, Chris Salter, and Alexandra Saunier. These artists, each with unique styles and perspectives, contribute a diverse range of creating a multi-faceted experience for the audience.

Klára Horáčková, known for her captivating works, brings her unique perspective to the event. Jan Poš, another acclaimed artist, promises to intrigue the audience with his innovative creations.

The works of Karel Šimek, Chris Salter, and Alexandra Saunier add further depth and diversity to the exhibition—their art pieces, characterized by their unique storytelling and aesthetic appeal, promise to captivate the audience.