The Czech Railways showed new night trains: Private showers and dinner in porcelain


ČD has launched the new ČD Night brand for its night trains. As part of this, they are currently investing CZK 246 million in modernizing sleeper and couchette carriages. Starting in December, they will run a new night service from Prague via Germany to Zurich from the latest timetable. Ticket prices for night trains, like regular services, will increase by 15% with the new program.

“We want to give night transport an extra boost. That’s why we have prepared a new brand for night travel services. Based on a survey among passengers and employees, we have created a new brand ČD Night, under which our customers will find all the information related to overnight travel,” says Michal Krapinec, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of ČD.

As of next year, ČD will operate five-night lines, with more to be used by its foreign partners.

The new night trains will head to several European destinations—Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

Passengers will be introduced to brand-new sleeper trains on the routes

The modernization includes the replacement of the air conditioning and central power supply as well as the installation of a new door control unit. The fire and radio control panels for the closed-system toilet are also unique.

The cars are currently undergoing approval by the European agency ERA and are expected to be put into service in the summer season of 2023.

Ticket prices on night trains from Prague to Baden and Switzerland will start at CZK 2,234 for a sleeper carriage, while the cost of a couchette carriage shall begin at CZK 1,732.

“Exclusive room on the rails”

Two ticket categories will be available for purchase—sleeper and couchette. “The deckchair car is à la hostel, meaning that beds can be shared. A sleeper carriage, by contrast, is a hotel. This means that you are buying a whole room on the tracks,” the director general of ČD said.

“It is possible to have a shower within the sleeper. We call it De Luxe. Otherwise, as standard in sleeper and couchette carriages, passengers have sockets, USB, WiFi, and, of course, a breakfast package and the possibility of buying catering services on board,” added Michal Krapinec.

“In the sleeper carriages, I will welcome passengers, help with technical service, serve dinner or arrange food from complementary sales, and wake passengers up in the morning,” explained train conductor Jakub Voldřich.

On some connections, it will be possible to have dinner delivered directly to the compartment. Train staff will provide the food in porcelain dishes.

“The food offer will change. We have a new kind of breakfast included in the price, and then there is the possibility of some connections to the restaurant car for breakfast. But there will also be an option to order ready meals. Either classic steak or veal with lentils, which is such a hit for us,” said Bohumír Bárta, CEO of JLV.