The Czech Republic ranks 28th in terms of the quality of the digital environment

The Czech Republic ranks 28th in the world regarding the quality of its digital environment, up to four places from last year. This is according to the Digital Quality of Life survey reported today by Surfshark. The top three places are Denmark, South Korea, and Finland. The Czech Republic is second best behind Greece in the digital security ranking.

The study looked at five areas of the digital environment: the availability of internet connectivity, its quality, digital infrastructure, digital security, and eGovernment, i.e., governance through modern technology. It focused on 110 countries, which are home to 90 percent of the world’s population.

The Czech Republic was the second-best country in Central and Eastern Europe in the final ranking. Poland was better than the Czech Republic. It came in 25th place and improved 18 positions compared to last year.

The Czech Republic has worse internet access, poorer internet connection quality, and worse eGovernment compared to Poland. On the other hand, digital infrastructure and digital security are better in the Czech Republic than in Poland. Broadband internet in Poland, Hungary, and Germany, for example, is twice as fast.

Although the Czech Republic ranks 46th in internet accessibility, this indicator has improved by 71% year on year. Czechs now have to work for two hours and 22 minutes to afford the cheapest broadband internet and a little more than seven minutes to have 1GB of the cheapest mobile internet. People in Hungary only need to work a quarter of the time to afford mobile internet, while people in Poland only need to work 21% of the time.

Six European countries are in the top ten: Denmark, which defended its top spot from last year, and Finland, which came; third, France is in seventh, Switzerland is in eighth, Germany is in ninth, and Britain is in tenth. At the other end of the rankings were Ethiopia, Cambodia, Cameroon, Guatemala, and Angola.