The Czech Republic Sees Strong Growth in Car Production, with Electric Vehicles Leading the Way

Production of passenger cars in the Czech Republic saw a significant increase of 28.5 percent from January to the end of April, reaching 464,444 vehicles. In April alone, the production of domestic carmakers grew by one-fifth compared to the same month last year. These positive numbers were announced by the Association of the Automotive Industry, indicating a promising trend for the Czech automotive sector.

The production of electric vehicles also showed encouraging progress, with a total of 56,143 electric cars manufactured from January to April. The share of electric vehicles in domestic production rose to 12 percent, marking a 1.9 percentage point increase compared to the previous year. This growth in electric vehicle production reflects the industry’s response to the rising demand for environmentally friendly vehicles.

Škoda Auto, the most prominent Czech car manufacturer, contributed significantly to the overall production figures. By the end of April, Škoda Auto’s domestic plants had produced 296,851 passenger cars, representing a substantial 40 percent increase compared to last year. Furthermore, the production of electric vehicles within the Škoda Auto brand reached 31,411 units, accounting for 10.6 percent of their total production. Among these, 26,024 cars were battery-powered, while 5,387 were plug-in hybrids.

Other manufacturers also experienced positive results during this period. The Hyundai plant in Nošovice reported a production increase of 10.3 percent, resulting in a total of 114,650 cars. Notably, 14,705 vehicles were purely electric, while 10,025 were plug-in hybrids. Similarly, the Toyota plant in Kolín witnessed a production rise of 14.9 percent, reaching 52,943 cars. Hybrid vehicles constituted over 53 percent of their total production.

Despite the overall growth in the automotive industry, the production of buses and motorcycles faced challenges. In the first four months, the production of buses decreased by 248 units compared to the previous year, with 1,407 buses manufactured in the Czech Republic. Additionally, Jawa Moto, a renowned motorcycle manufacturer, experienced a substantial decline of 70 percent in production, producing only 266 units during the same period.

The Association of the Automotive Industry emphasized that while the production of passenger cars continues to thrive, the chip crisis still affects specific segments of the industry. Manufacturers and suppliers will need to navigate through fluctuating deliveries throughout 2023. Nonetheless, the positive growth in the production of cars, particularly electric vehicles, brings optimism to the Czech automotive sector and the domestic economy.