Kofola and Mattoni 1873 Acquire One-Third Shares in Slovak Company General Plastic

Kofola and Mattoni 1873, two renowned beverage companies, have made significant inroads into the Slovak firm General Plastic, a leading producer of preforms used in PET bottle manufacturing. In a recent development, the companies signed an addendum to the agreement with GP Alliance, securing a one-third stake in the company. The remaining shares will continue to be held by GP Alliance, led by entrepreneur Ján Sabol. This strategic move was officially announced by Kofola in a press release, highlighting the companies’ mutual commitment.

According to Jana Ptačinská Jirátová, the spokesperson for Kofola, the parties involved have decided to keep the financial details of the transaction confidential. The signing of the addendum on Tuesday, May 16, is considered the completion of the transaction, effectively bringing the partnership into force. This collaboration reflects the shared vision and ambition of all parties involved.

The three partners, Kofola, Mattoni 1873, and General Plastic, have already agreed to invest in the production facilities of General Plastic, located in Kolárovo. This investment aims to bolster the entire PET bottle recycling process, from collecting to producing new recycled bottles.

Robert Spišák from GP Alliance stated that the previous recycling capabilities were limited to grinding plastic bottles into primary recycling products, such as flakes. However, thanks to the new investment, General Plastic can now produce final recycled granules, a crucial component in manufacturing new PET bottles. The acquisition, amounting to several million euros, is awaiting final approval.

The CEO of Kofola in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Daniel Buryš, emphasized the strategic importance of this venture for achieving their sustainability goals in packaging, particularly in the utilization of PET bottle recyclate (rPET). This collaboration with General Plastic aligns with their commitment to a sustainable approach and supports the overall objective of creating a circular economy.

Alessandro Pasquale, the Executive President of the Mattoni 1873 group, expressed satisfaction with the progress made in Slovakia’s implementation of a comprehensive deposit system for beverage PET bottles and cans. He also highlighted the positive development in the Czech Republic, where the Ministry of the Environment presented the initial proposal for a similar deposit system.

These initiatives demonstrate the beverage industry’s commitment to embracing circularity and the role acquisitions like the one with General Plastic play in realizing these goals. Since January of this year, Slovakia has implemented a deposit system for disposable plastic bottles.