The Czech Republic should be food self-sufficient, MPs agreed

Economists predict that bread and pasta prices will rise to 30%. Crop failures are to blame. Every country should therefore be at least partially food self-sufficient. Food consumption is then a matter for each family. 

The price of bread or pasta will rise by up to 30 percent due to poor harvests in the Czech Republic and Canada, which produces the world’s largest amount of durum wheat. So we will pay more for bread, for rolls and a whole range of pasta products.

“But we are self-sufficient in cereals, so the price should not be reflected here. But the big chains have set world prices even though they did not have to, ” Margita Balaštíková, a member of the ANO movement, explained, adding that the price is mainly influenced by the state of the world grain exchange.

According to Balastikova, fluctuations in harvests are common and citizens themselves need to react. “In the past, it also happened that there were no rolls or bread. We have to fight for self-sufficiency in the basic types and count on making provisions in fertile years for the barren ones, ” the government MP appealed.

Economists also expect energy or housing to become more expensive, which may significantly impact family budgets. “We cannot transfer everything to the citizens and solve everything with a subsidy policy. Prices will rise, it will have an impact on our republic, and we all have to think about how we will function,” Balaštíková warned. 

She added that socially vulnerable families in particular may have a problem.