The Czech Republic will experience another tropical weekend

It will be almost clear to partly cloudy with iconically tropical temperatures. This is the kind of weekend Czechs can expect across the country. Temperatures will be between 27 and 32 °C on Saturday. Meteorologists warn, however, that showers or thunderstorms may exceptionally occur.

A moderate westerly wind of 2 to 5 meters per second will blow in places during Saturday. The highest temperatures will be between 27 and 32 °C, with mountains around 23 °C. “It will be almost clear to partly cloudy. Showers or even thunderstorms may occasionally occur with a temporary increase in cloud cover, ” meteorologists warn.

On Sunday, the thermometer needles will again hit the 30s. Temperatures are expected to rise from 27 to 31 °C, and even between 29 and 33 °C in Moravia and Silesia.

“It will be clear to partly cloudy, occasionally cloudy and, especially in the southern half of the territory, showers or even thunderstorms, occasionally strong,” meteorologists warn. Storms may be accompanied by torrential rain, hail, and strong wind gusts.

On Monday, Czechs can still look forward to high temperatures. They will range between 25 and 30 °C. However, the beginning of the week will also bring showers, rain, and thunderstorms. The winds may temporarily pick up. By the end of the week, the rain will be in control.