The D1 highway is closed due to a 40-car pileup

HZS Jihomoravského kraje

According to firefighters, forty cars, including two trucks, crashed on the D1 motorway near Domašov on Friday afternoon. Police said on Twitter that more than 30 cars crashed. There is thick fog at the scene. The highway is closed, and rescuers have registered two minor injuries.

The accidents happened around the 177th kilometer in the direction of Brno. “The D1 motorway is currently closed from Domomašov in the direction of Brno. There is a large fog in the area, which has caused several chain accidents,” the police said.

“Drivers must take care when approaching the convoy. At the same time, we ask for a “rescue lane,” according to South Moravian firefighters, who said 38 cars and two trucks crashed.

“These are several accidents, mostly without injuries so far, but in some cases, people are complaining of some complications, so we have also asked the rescue service to come to the scene,” firefighters’ spokesman Jaroslav Mikoška said. “So far, we have registered two minor injuries. There may be some more,” said Michaela Bothová, a spokeswoman for the rescue service.

The detour route is from exit 168 via 602 roads. It is possible to get back onto the motorway at Kývalka. “Drive carefully, and don’t forget your fog lights,” police warned.

Mass casualties also stopped traffic on D1 on Thursday afternoon. In heavy fog, twenty cars crashed near Velká Bíteš, and four people were slightly injured. The motorway was closed in the direction of Brno for over three hours due to the accidents.