The failure rate in-state exams increased compared to last year

In the standard part of this year’s state matriculation exams, 13.7 % of students who took the exam for the first time failed. This is up slightly from last year’s failure rate of 11.2 percent, Cermat said on Monday.

In the Czech language test, 9.4 percent of graduates failed (compared to 4.7 percent last year). On the other hand, the failure rate of students who chose to take the maths exam decreased.

This year, 10.1 percent of students failed, compared to a failure rate of 16.6 percent last year.

Students can choose between mathematics and a foreign language in addition to compulsory Czech. Mathematics was selected by 17 percent of matriculants (11 900), while 57 800 students chose a foreign language.

6.4 percent of students who chose English did not pass the exam. Last year, the number was a tenth of a percentage point lower.

Traditionally, the German Baccalaureate has been the most problematic. 16.6 percent of students failed this year, up from 19.7 percent last year.

Not even a tenth of students who decided to take the final exam in Russian passed.