The financial administration no longer sends payments to Sberbank

Luděk Fiala

The Financial Administration has stopped transferring money to the accounts of Sberbank, whose banking license has been revoked by the Czech National Bank. This concerns, for example, the payment of tax overpayments or compensation bonuses. For this reason, people should provide the Administration with a new bank connection.

The Financial Administration recommends that the account change be made via the form “Notification of Change of Registration Data,” which is available in the Electronic Submissions for the Financial Administration. If a person or business has a data box, they must submit the form electronically by law. The Administration further advised that it has seen situations where people cannot pay their taxes due to not being able to access their Sberbank accounts.

One option is to apply for a tax deferral. This can be requested via the tax administration’s online application. Clients of Sberbank, which has ties to Russia, began withdrawing their money and canceling their accounts last week after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Queues were forming. The bank closed its branches on Friday afternoon.

It also stopped internet banking. Card transactions of up to CZK 1,000 per day are possible. The Czech National Bank has announced that it has begun steps to revoke its license.