The first part of the American convoy arrived in the Czech Republic

Klára Mrázová

The first part of the US military convoy, heading for exercises in Slovakia, has arrived in the Czech Republic. It stopped at the Rozvadov border crossing in the Tachov region on Tuesday evening. It was there to check its equipment and take a short rest.

After 9 p.m., the convoy arrived at the border crossing. The delay of about two hours compared to the original plan was caused by administrative matters and testing and a technical problem with one of the vehicles.

From Rozvadov, American soldiers will head to Ostrovu u Stříbra, where they plan a technical break. In the morning, they will drive to Rančířov in the Jihlava region. There, the Czech army has prepared a tent camp for them. Once the soldiers have rested, they will set off in the evening towards the Břeclav border crossing.

Up to 1 200 soldiers with 500 pieces of equipment in five convoys will move across the Czech Republic during the week. US troops will move along the roads mainly at night and in the early morning hours to not disrupt traffic on the roads. Each convoy is divided into groups that are spaced apart. They will spend a maximum of 48 hours in the Czech Republic.

According to the spokeswoman of the general staff, Magdalena Dvořáková, the 2nd Cavalry Regiment will participate in the exercise with Stryker wheeled armored fighting vehicles, or HMMWVs, as in the past, and will be equipped with logistic support equipment. The units will return along the same route in the opposite direction in the second half of March.