The government confirmed the price capping: Six crowns for electricity and three crowns for gas

Milan Malíček

The cabinet of Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) confirmed the price cap on electricity and gas. Citizens will pay six crowns per kWh for electricity without distribution fees and three crowns per kWh for gas.

“We have approved a government regulation on price capping. Citizens will pay CZK 6 per kWh for electricity and CZK 3 per kWh for gas,” Fiala announced. However, distribution fees must be added to this.

Prices will be capped for the whole of next year. “But this should already take effect during November,” the prime minister also said.

The price cap will then be for households and businesses connected to low voltage, and utilities will pay regardless of consumption. The price cap for small and medium-sized companies connected to high and very high voltage will be set at 80% of the highest annual consumption over the previous five years.

In the case of gas, the cap will apply to households and companies with an annual consumption of up to 4,200 MWh, while the original proposal was for the consumption of up to 630 MWh. “The price cap will also apply to gas for heating companies,” Fiala said on Wednesday after a government meeting.

Deputy Industry Minister Petr Třešňák said that the capping would apply to an extensive range of businesses, public administration, and health care facilities, which include most spa facilities.

The government regulations will follow the amendment to the Energy Act, which came into force on October 1 and allows, among other things, price capping.