The House of Horrors: Dilapidated Building in Prague 8 Poses Danger to Community

Vít Hassan

Located on Čimická Street, a dilapidated house in Prague 8 is known to locals as “the house of horrors.” The building is in terrible condition and has been in disrepair for years, posing a danger to the community.

Residents have reported the conditions inside the house as worse than those in Somalia, with piles of garbage and debris scattered throughout. There is a makeshift bed almost entirely covered in garbage, highlighting the severity of the situation.

Two individuals reportedly own the house and have several liens on the property, including an executor’s lien, a contractual lien, and a judicial lien. The building has been issued an execution order for sale, and the owner’s information has been submitted to the court to resolve the issue. However, it is unclear if any action has been taken by the authorities to address the dangerous conditions of the property.

The dilapidated house in Prague 8 is a cause for concern for the local community, as dozens of people, including children and dogs, pass by it daily. The building’s poor condition is a danger to the surrounding area, and it remains to be seen what action will be taken to make the area safe for residents and visitors.

Maintaining buildings and structures, especially those in densely populated areas, is crucial to ensure the safety and well-being of the community.