Partial Closure of Zlíchovský Tunnel in Prague 5 for Maintenance Work

The Technical Road Administration is planning a partial closure of one of the tubes of the Zlíchovský tunnel in Prague 5 due to maintenance work between April 20 and April 26. The closure is to clean the walls and maintain the technology. Further traffic restrictions will occur during the extended weekends in May when the road surface will be changed.

The Zlíchov tunnel is a road in Prague 5, part of the city’s ring road. It was opened in 2002, measures 195 meters, and connects the Dobříšská road with the Mrázovka tunnel and Strakonická Street, which is part of the road junction near the Barrandov Bridge.

According to the Technical Road Administration’s website, the western tube A towards Barrandov Bridge will be closed due to the walls and ceiling cleaning, and the second tube will be one-way in its original direction. The closure of the eastern tube B towards Smíchov will follow on the night of Sunday, April 23, with the second tube being one-way in its original direction.

During the extended weekends in May, a complete replacement of the road surface in both directions and all lanes will be completed as part of the road maintenance work. However, one driving lane will always be preserved during maintenance work. Construction work is expected to start on Friday evenings and end around 3 pm on Mondays.