The humanitarian aid van will be replaced by a truck

Radek Navrátil

Radek Navrátil drove a fully loaded aid van with a trailer to Uzhhorod. He returned on Wednesday and is already preparing more aid. This time a whole truck. He is confident that his help is practical and will get where it needs to go. His partner, Viktoria, is from Uzhhorod, and thanks to her relatives, they know exactly where to turn.

“It is a problem to get the aid across the border. Much material for assistance to the country has accumulated in Slovakia, but there is no way to get it into Ukraine. There is a lack of adventurers to transport them from the Slovak border area to their destination. Ukrainian drivers are not allowed to enter Slovakia to get the trucks because there is a ban on men between the ages of eighteen and sixty leaving the country. So everyone is looking for women who dare drive the car, “Navrátil says.

“The food supply there is somehow working after the initial shock. The logistics are tight, but the basic food is there, even if the quantity per individual is limited. Clothing is not much needed now; people are holed up at home, hiding from danger. It will come in handy when they can get out,” says Victoria.

She keeps a close eye on the situation at home, where there is a great need for equipment for the soldiers. The interest of Ukrainians in confronting the aggressors is excellent. “And above all, there is a huge need for hospital supplies in Ukraine. Pain killers, burn medications, disposable gloves, and other things for treating the wounded, all this is necessary,” Viktoria recalled.