The Interior Ministry plans to tighten checks on the passports of refugees from Ukraine


The Ministry of the Interior plans to tighten controls on the passports of refugees coming from Ukraine. Minister Vít Rakušan (STAN) told journalists on Tuesday that he is also discussing changing cash aid for refugees to aid in kind. These are steps in response to the problems associated with the migration of Roma from Ukraine.

“The best thing is for people who are not entitled to aid not to come to the Czech Republic,” he said of the planned negotiations.

On Tuesday, Rakušan reminded the public that Romani refugees often have dual citizenship and are not entitled to aid in the Czech Republic as citizens of Hungary.

Rakušan will negotiate with his Hungarian counterpart on the faster vetting of refugees, so they are not formal and do not artificially condemn asylum decisions. He will then talk with his Ukrainian partner online on Wednesday about organized migration-related crime.