The NATO Days in Mošnov Attracted Massive Crowds

Jaroslav Ožana

The 23rd edition of the NATO Days and Czech Air Force Days held at Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport in Mošnov, Novojičínsko, drew approximately 185,000 people over the weekend. This annual event showcased the latest advancements in NATO and the Czech Air Force, which proved a huge success, with nearly 200,000 spectators in attendance.

The first day witnessed the largest security parade in Europe, with around 100,000 people in attendance. On Sunday, the airport welcomed 85,000 visitors, who had the opportunity to see more than 90 aircraft and approximately 1,000 pieces of ground equipment. Among the highlights were the F-35 Lightning II fighter jets, which garnered significant attention in the air and on the ground. Spectators could admire the real aircraft and sit in a life-sized demonstrator model.

The event also featured impressive aerobatic displays by renowned groups such as the Swiss PC-7 TEAM and Polish groups Orlik and Želazny. Military branches, police, customs, and prison services showcased their ground demonstrations, adding to the event’s excitement.

Despite the large attendance, the NATO Days proceeded smoothly, with no extraordinary incidents reported. According to police spokesperson Sona Štětínská, there was only one reported case of a lost wallet and minor infractions against public order. Additionally, 12 cases of lost children were subsequently found unharmed. Traffic flow remained unaffected, although it was undoubtedly a demanding weekend for the serving police officers.

Due to the hot weather, more than 50 individuals suffered from heat exhaustion and dehydration, receiving medical attention on-site. Another 80 visitors experienced various health issues, none of which were life-threatening. Three patients were transported to the hospital, while most cases involved minor internal ailments or minor injuries, according to Lukáš Humpl, spokesperson for the Moravian-Silesian Emergency Medical Services.