Tram Service Disruption in Vinohrady

Due to track replacement and repairs, a significant tram service disruption is expected in Vinohrady from Monday until October 6th. The tram service between Flora and Náměstí Míru will be interrupted, and trams will not run along Korunní Street. As a result, alternative routes have been arranged for tram lines 10 and 16 via Vinohradská Street.

During the first phase of repairs, which will continue until September 29th, worn-out tracks will be replaced at the intersections of Korunní–Jičínská and Korunní–Blanická.

As part of the temporary arrangements, tram line 10 will be redirected via Muzeum, I. P. Pavlova, and Zvonařka. Tram line 16 will continue its route to the Náměstí Bratří Synků terminus using the same path.

A new temporary tram line, line 30, has been introduced, operating along the route Čechovo náměstí, I. P. Pavlova, Karlovo náměstí, Palackého náměstí, Anděl, Kotlářka, and Motol, terminating at Sídliště Řepy.

Tram service on Karlovo náměstí, Moráň, Albertov, and Palackého náměstí will be maintained by tram line 23, which will follow its regular route.

Bus line 101, serving the Žižkov, Vinohrady, and Vršovice districts, has been reinforced to ensure smooth transportation in the affected areas.

The second phase of repairs will commence on September 30th and conclude on the evening of October 6th. During this period, tram service will be suspended on Vinohradská Street between Radhošťská and Olšanské hřbitovy stops. This section will be served by replacement bus line X11.

Stay updated with the latest news and alternative routes to minimize any inconvenience caused by the tram service disruption in Vinohrady.