The population of the Czech Republic increased due to migration

The population of the Czech Republic rose to 10 511 109 in the first three quarters of this year. This is due to migration. The Czech Statistical Office (CSO) stressed that the figures do not include Ukrainians who were granted temporary protection in their homeland due to the war conflict.

In the first nine months, nearly 77 000 people were born in the Czech Republic, while over 88 000 people died.

“This year, the population of the Czech Republic did not grow at a natural rate in any of the first three quarters. In contrast, in 2014-2020, a higher number of births than deaths was always recorded in both the second and third quarters, and 2021 at least in the third quarter,” said Michaela Němečková from the CSO’s demographic statistics department.

There were 15,000 fewer deaths compared to last year.

During the same period, nearly 45,000 people moved to the Czech Republic, and over 23,000 left.

“These figures do not include people who were granted temporary protection in connection with the war in Ukraine; according to the data from the Foreigners’ Information System, at the end of the third quarter, there were almost 409,000 people,” the CSO reminded.

48.6 percent of children were born out of wedlock, and 47,000 couples were married. Almost 15 thousand couples divorced.