The Prague Crisis Team will meet to discuss the possibility of closing the refugee center

The Crisis Staff of Prague City Hall is expected to discuss today the possible closure of the KACPU assistance center for Ukrainian refugees in Vysočany.

The reasons for this are the high number of refugees and the congestion in the capital. The staff members are also expected to discuss the tent city for Romani refugees from Ukraine in Malešice, the construction of which began on Monday morning.

Prague is struggling with a large influx of refugees, who, according to an earlier statement by Mayor Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates), are up to four times more numerous than in some other regions. The Refugee Assistance Centre, which serves Prague and Central Bohemia, has processed more than 90 000 people. Hřib said in mid-May that the center was at risk of closure. The crisis staff eventually decided that the city would not close it by the end of May.

The staff is also to discuss the situation at the central station and the opening of a tent city in Malešice for Romani refugees staying at the central station. This is the second such town in the Czech capital, the first having been established in May in Troja. Both have a capacity of 150 places. Volunteer humanitarian aid is also expected to end at the central station from today.