The reconstruction of Wenceslas Square in Prague will cost CZK 109 million more than expected.

Reconstruction of the lower part of Wenceslas Square will become more expensive – by 109 million crowns. Construction work began last year and originally was to cost about 330 million crowns.

According to the document, the construction company wants about 23 million more for the city councilors due to extra work caused by unforeseen circumstances. For example, the company charged about 8.7 million crowns for the demolition of concrete structures of the road, 11.8 million for changes in surface finishes, and 4.1 million for modifications to the collector. The company deducted other smaller items from the original price.

The most significant impact on the reconstruction price is the construction of tram lines, for which the city property department wants to allocate another 85 million crowns from the budget. In the future, the tram lines are to follow up on those planned in the upper part of the square from Vinohradská to Vodičková Street, where the regular line is to be put into operation first. If the plan is approved, the city council will decide on its construction independently, the document states.

Reconstruction of part of the square from Můstek to Vodičkova began last April and, according to the original schedule, is to be completed this year. It is based on a project from the architectural firm Cigler Marani Architects, created in 2005. Workers are gradually replacing surfaces, and more space for pedestrians is to be added. Some trees will be cut down in poor condition, and new ones will be planted; thus, there should be more than now. The city also plans to reconstruct the upper part of the square.