The Rising Trend of Luxurious Camping in the Czech Republic

As summer begins, camping sites in the Czech Republic are almost fully booked, and a new trend of luxurious camping, also known as ‘glamping’, is gaining popularity. This interesting shift in holiday preferences seems to be influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In previous years, people often booked week-long stays well in advance. However, the pandemic has changed this trend, and now people prefer to book shorter stays at the last minute. According to Pavel Svoboda, the deputy chairman of the Czech Association of Camps, there has also been a considerable increase in caravan camping.

Despite the high demand, most camps have slightly increased their prices by less than ten percent. The most sought-after time is the transition between July and August when cottages are almost completely reserved. Furthermore, camping sites are now introducing new features such as charging stations for electric bikes and expanded parking and connections for caravans.

Regarded as a perfect blend of comfort and adventure, glamping offers a unique experience that combines the luxury of a hotel with the excitement and romance of staying outdoors. Glamping sites offer options like tree houses, glass igloos with scenic views, comfortable beds, refrigerators, air conditioning, and breakfast delivery.

Despite being a more expensive option, with prices for a night ranging from four to five thousand crowns, glamping attracts much interest. It is particularly popular for short romantic getaways or as a unique childhood experience.

In conclusion, camping and glamping in the Czech Republic are proving popular choices for both domestic and foreign tourists this summer. As we adapt to the ‘new normal,’ it seems that the trend of seeking comfort in the lap of nature is here to stay.