The risk of floods in the Czech Republic has not yet passed

River levels in southwestern Bohemia and part of the Central Bohemian Region may be raised until Saturday noon after heavy rains. The river Úslava in Prádle in the southern Pilsen region may rise for a short time to the third, the highest degree of flood activity. 

In Central Bohemia, the warning of meteorologists concerns the lower reaches of the Berounka. However, its level should culminate in the first stage of flood activity, when water is not yet flowing from the banks. The Vltava in Chuchle in Prague can also ascend to the first stage.

The warning against increased river levels due to heavy rain also applies to the entire South Bohemian Region and the eastern half of the Pilsen Region. There, too, the levels of flows should culminate in the first, rarely the second stage. Meteorologists expect the short-term attainment of the third degree of flood activity only at Úslava in the village of Prádlo in the southern part of Plzeň.

Meteorologists warn against people not entering the bed of flooded rivers and trying to float them. The risk of reduced tree stability in waterlogged soil also poses a threat. Storms hit the Czechia on Wednesday evening. It also rained heavily on Thursdays and at night, when river levels rose mainly in Silesia and southwestern Bohemia.

According to the forecast, the rain in the Czech Republic should decrease, but on Saturday, meteorologists are again expecting showers and occasional thunderstorms. Especially in the second half of the night on Sunday, in some places in Moravia and Silesia, up to about 25 liters of water per square meter can attack. Therefore, meteorologists do not rule out that the rivers rise again to one of the lower levels of flood activity.