The Senate approved a savings tariff for households

The Senate has approved a savings tariff to help households reduce their electricity, gas, and heating bills. It will be a subsidy from the state budget in favor of energy suppliers, which will be paid automatically by the state in the case of electricity and gas, and will not have to be applied.

The government will set the details of the tariff, i.e., how much the subsidy will be and who will be entitled to it. This is due to happen in August at the latest. The approved amendment to the Energy Act will now be submitted to the President for signature.

The Senate adopted the law unchanged as it came from the House. All 57 senators present voted in favor of the bill across the caucuses.

Gas and electricity traders are to reduce their bills or advances by the subsidy received. They will have to state this in their bills.

The subsidy will not be available for weekend homes or electric vehicle charging. In contrast, owners’ associations or cooperatives will have to apply for the heat allowance. This will apply to heat from central supply or domestic boilers. The upper limit of the contribution in both cases will be CZK 30 000.