The temperature dropped to -25 degrees

Temperatures dropped well below freezing in some places on Tuesday morning. In Pohorje in the Bohemian Forest, 25.8 degrees were measured. However, the Czech Republic was cold, with temperatures in Prague hovering around -10 degrees in the morning.

“The frost is again dominating the frosty localities of the Novohradské hory, Šumava, and also the Ore Mountains, where it is also around -25 °C,” the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) said.

For example, Jizerka in the Jizera Mountains, which is generally one of the coldest places in the Czech Republic, was not so cold this time. They measured -9 degrees Celsius there.

It was significantly colder in the country’s southwest, with temperatures even in non-mountain areas dropping to -12 degrees, while south-eastern Moravia was “only” -3 degrees.

Road engineers warn drivers to be careful not only on lower-class roads where snow is lying but also on large roads that are wet. In severe frosts, traditional salt loses its effectiveness.It is generally reported to work down to temperatures of around -7 to -9 degrees. The lower the temperature, the more salt you need to use.

Below freezing, the thermometer’s mercury will remain all day, hovering around – 5 degrees. Skies will be clear.