The travel map will change again

Slovenia will be among the countries with an extremely high risk of coronavirus infection from Monday. Latvia, San Marino, and Romania will move into the red category of countries at high risk of infection. Iceland and Portugal will join the orange category of countries at medium risk. The health ministry made the announcement.

Before returning from the Green and Orange countries, an arrival form must be completed, and a test must be taken within five days of return. Returning from countries in both red categories requires completion of a form before returning to the Czech Republic. People using public transport must also undergo an antigen or PCR test.

“It is mandatory for these people to undergo a PCR test upon return to the Czech Republic, no earlier than the 5th day and no later than the 14th day after entering the Czech Republic. Until then, they must remain in self-isolation. 

If you travel to the Czech Republic by individual transport, it is not necessary to have a test before starting the journey. Still, it is compulsory to have a PCR test at the earliest on the 5th day and at the latest on the 14th day after entering the Czech Republic. Self-isolation is required until the result is available, “the ministry reminded.

Vaccinated people and those who have had covid in the last 180 days do not need to be tested, but the obligation to fill in an entry form applies to all.