The tremendous technological age will come to an end


From 2024, the authorities should stop issuing large technical licenses. More information should be included in the vehicle registration certificate, the so-called “small technical certificate.” This is envisaged in an amendment to the Act on Conditions of Vehicle Operation on Roads, which the Senate approved on Thursday.

According to the amendment, citizens and companies can reserve registration plates with the authorities one month before buying a new car. This will allow companies, in particular, to arrange the necessary permits before the rules register the vehicle. Applications for this registration could also be submitted electronically.

In addition, the validity of car registration checks will be extended from the current 30 days to a year.

Another new feature the law introduces is mandatory technical inspections for historic vehicles. While roadworthiness and historic originality are assessed every two years by trained commissioners in testing based on certificates from professional garages, owners of vintage cars will now be required to undergo MOT tests every five years.

In the case of vintage cars with the highest design speed, inspections will be carried out in a mobile manner, i.e., at a location designated by the authority. These will be vehicles with hoops or spokes that cannot be tested with a roller brake.

The amendment will now be submitted to President MiloŇ° Zeman for signature.