The tropics are back

After a weekend cools down, we can expect warmer temperatures to return this week, with tropical temperatures above 30 degrees returning from Thursday. Precipitation should be only sporadic, meteorologist Dagmar Honsová said.

“The new working week kicked off with noticeable temperature differences in the morning in Karlovy Vary at 6 a.m. The temperature dropped to 7.4 °C. In Brno, it was 16.6 °C. It was freezing in the Šumava region at Rokytská Slata,” Honsová said, adding that temperatures will go up quickly this week.

“Mostly sunny and dry weather will be brought by an area of high air pressure moving from the British Isles over eastern Europe,” she added.

Expect clear to partly cloudy skies on Monday, with clouds and isolated showers in the country’s east. Daytime temperatures will be summer-like, between 23 and 27 degrees Celsius.

Tuesday will be apparent to partly cloudy. Morning temperatures will remain between 14 and 10 degrees, with daytime temperatures rising to 24 to 28.

Wednesday will also be mostly sunny with clear to partly cloudy skies. Morning temperatures will be between 15 and 11 degrees, rising to 25 to 29 in the afternoon.

Thursday is expected to be similarly sunny. Skies will remain clear to partly cloudy with morning temperatures of 17 and 13 degrees. Temperatures will climb to 27 to 31 degrees in the afternoon.

Friday is also expected to be clear to partly cloudy, with isolated showers in the mountains during the day and a temporary increase in cloud cover. Morning temperatures will be between 17 and 13 degrees, with daytime highs rising to 27 to 31.

It should be even warmer over the weekend, with temperatures reaching 33 degrees.