The weekend is going to be tropical: Temperatures will soar to 36 degrees

With weekend temperatures reaching 36 degrees, we’re looking at the hottest days of June on record. Meteorologist Dagmar Honsová told the news agency. According to her, it should start cooling down on Tuesday.

“We have the hottest days of June ahead of us,” Honsová said. Tropical temperatures will be stressful for the human body, she stated.

“We should stay out of direct sunlight through midday, definitely use headgear, sunglasses, and increase fluid intake,” she added.

The meteorologist said it would start cooling down at the start of the astronomical summer on Tuesday, June 21.

After Thursday, which was marked by hailstorms, we can look forward to a sunny day on Friday. It will be clear to partly cloudy. Afternoon temperatures will range between 23 and 27 degrees Celsius.

Saturday will also be apparent to partly cloudy. Morning temperatures will drop to 17 to 13 degrees. However, daytime temperatures will reach 36 degrees Celsius.

It will be partly cloudy to clear on Sunday, with showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon, especially in Bohemia. Thunderstorms may be sporadically strong. Temperatures will drop to 15 °C in the morning. Daytime temperatures will rise again to 36 degrees.