The wind brings back winter to Europe

A deep pressure low is approaching Europe to cut the springlike nature of the weather, and winter should return next week, German meteorologists say. Temperatures will drop by five degrees, freezing at night, and snow is expected to fall in the Midlands.

The rather springlike weather is expected to last until the end of this week. A deep-pressure low should be moving into Europe by the weekend.

The weather will be stormy, with strong winds and rain, writes Focus weekly, citing the German Weather Service (DWD).

For example, Germany has a threat of thunderstorms and strong winds over the coming weekend. In the North Sea and Baltic Sea, winds will reach hurricane speeds on Sunday, with meteorologists predicting gusts of 120 km/h.

On the coast, it will reach up to 110 km/h. Other parts of the country will also experience strong winds with gusts of up to 80 km/h.

The Harz and Erzgebirge mountains will also be worst affected, with wind gusts of up to 140 km/h. In the east, the windy weather is expected to persist until Monday.

Significantly cooler air will start to flow behind a deep pressure low.

“In the Czech Republic, temperatures will drop to -5 °C in the morning lows. In the afternoon highs, temperatures will be around 5 °C, but it will be windy so that it will feel lower,” meteorologist Dagmar Honsová said.

According to her, it could snow even at middle altitudes. “The weather will at least start to resemble winter a little bit,” she added.