Three Best Places For Organic Food Lovers in Prague

Products with the Bio label are becoming more common in European supermarkets, shops, and markets. In today’s world, there are very few people who are opposed to bio-products. However, such food products are in great demand throughout Europe. 

Natural products are grown in an old-fashioned way without the use of artificial additives, synthetic ingredients and preservatives can be bought both in ordinary supermarkets and in specialized stores, as well as in special markets in Prague. 

There are many supporters of a healthy lifestyle who buy only organic goods. There are many vegetarians among them. In addition, there are several shops in the Czech capital, where one can buy exclusively organic products.

Country life is the name of one of the shops. This health food store sells organic foods, juices, and meats, among other things. People can find many recipes for refreshing drinks for any taste on the store’s website. For example, a strawberry vanilla flax seed smoothie, blueberry lemonade with lemon balm, and a summer drink with lavender syrup. is another store. Organic cereals, pasta, fresh organic pastries, macrobiotic snacks, and desserts are among the store’s offerings. The bio store’s purpose is to satisfy vegetarian clients as well as those who believe that food is an energetic basis for mental well-being and an integral element of spiritual potential, not only in a religious sense but rather in food preferences.

PRO – BIO is in third place. It is the first Czech company that offers an extensive choice of organic items for purchase online. The PRO-BIO company’s mission is to bring back to the Czech table classic foodstuffs like buckwheat, wheat, and millet flour, which are known for their nutritious worth. It also concentrates on the development of new bioproducts that are simple and quick to prepare, and which combine a fast pace of life with a healthy lifestyle and respect for the environment.