Tomáš Prouza: We Lack International Tourists, And We Have Lost Our Reputation As a Secure Country

Due to recent months’ coronavirus and uncontrolled circumstances, the Czech Republic has lost its reputation as a safe place among foreign tourists. This was declared by Tomáš Prouza, President of the Czech Trade and Tourism Association. As a result, he claims that Czech hotels and other tourism businesses have been severely lacking in foreign visitors.

He also added that foreigners used to come to the Czech Republic for a large combination of good reasons. “People used to come to the Czech Republic because it was lovely, relatively affordable, and safe.” Prouza added.

The Czechs will not be able to save the season in Prague or Karlovy Vary.

Jan Herget from the Czech Tourism Authority has stated that the tourist season is embarrassing in the Czech Republic. He pointed out that 50% of the capacity, for example, is reserved for summer in the mountains, but the hotels only have around one-fifth of the space reserved in Prague and other towns. 

“I think we have done everything we could. He also pointed out that in Prague and Karlovy Vary, for example, there are numerous vacant hotel beds. Herget remarked. It is difficult to save the season in these place just on domestic tourists.

Foreign tourism 

Prouza stated that the Czech Republic has, through conferences and congresses, been very powerful in the sphere of foreign tourism. “Big conferences and congresses that are planned two to three years in advance were the flagships of the Czech Republic. Prouza added that congresses are now planned for 2023. The Czech Trade and Tourism Union president stated, “If we let enterprises die, that would be the biggest error we could make.”