Tragedy in northern Plzeň, a man shot his brother, then committed suicide

Police officers wearing bulletproof vests and carrying submachine guns intervened on Sunday evening in the village of Radějovice in the northern Plzeň region. There, a man there attacked his brother with a firearm, who succumbed to his injuries. The assailant was later found dead, having committed suicide.

The shooting occurred at around 6.30 pm. According to information from people near the scene, the shooting came after an unspecified argument between the brothers.

The siblings (approximately 60 and 70 years old) lived in a different location in the village. The reason for the conflict was allegedly a family dispute. “We are all shocked here. The shooter is a former professional paramedic, “a source from the village told. The attacker fled the scene after the incident, and shortly afterward, police found him hanged in the woods.

About 20 police officers wearing bulletproof vests and armed with submachine guns, accompanied by dog handlers and a helicopter with thermal imaging equipment circling over the village, intervened at the scene. The town was sealed off. 

“The shooter was found dead. The dangerous situation has passed, “police spokeswoman Eva Červenková confirmed, adding without further details that the likely perpetrator committed suicide. Regional police will now take over the investigation of the case.

Radějovice is part of Přehýšov village, located in the north district of the Plzeň Region. There are 27 houses there, and in 2011, there were only 52 permanent residents.