Travel Insurance: Protecting Your Luggage on Vacation

Losing or damaging your luggage is never a pleasant experience while traveling. It can be incredibly frustrating when you have to buy new clothes, shoes, or even a new suitcase at the start of your vacation, which can dent your budget. However, travel insurance can be helpful in these situations and is often included in most policies.

One of the most common situations where travel insurance is utilized is when your luggage is lost or damaged. Eva Svobodova from Uniqa states, “We have covered about four such losses in connection with the recent fires in Rhodes and Corfu.” Jana Konvalinova from Kooperativa also mentions that they have paid over 21 million Czech korunas for lost or delayed luggage this year.

When purchasing travel insurance, you must consider the type of policy you need and what is included. Some insurance policies cover luggage in their basic package, while others offer it in their more expensive packages. However, even basic packages provide the option to add luggage insurance.

Jan Vlcek from, one of the largest travel insurance comparison websites in the Czech Republic, confirms that “Luggage can be insured for approximately 20 to 40 Czech korunas per every ten thousand korunas of insured value.”

Not all types of damages are covered by luggage insurance. For example, most insurance policies do not protect against theft from a tent or damage to luggage entrusted to a carrier. According to Vlcek, “Most insurance companies do not cover theft from a tent, theft of items left in public without supervision, and insurance does not cover money and valuables.”

It is also important to note that luggage insurance does not cover some items. For instance, cameras, audiovisual equipment, mobile phones, computers, and their accessories, stolen during a break-in into a car or its trailer are not covered by most insurance policies.

Therefore, checking the policy’s terms and conditions before purchasing it is essential. The procedure may cover damages to luggage caused by natural disasters, water from plumbing systems, damage during transportation, and damage to sports equipment.

Documenting the lost or damaged luggage is recommended to file a claim. In case of damage, a report should be filled out with the carrier, and in case of theft, the police should be notified. Additionally, receipts for the luggage purchase and its contents can be used to support the claim.