Tropics Are Gone, Replaced by Indian Summer

According to the long-term forecast by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ), the second half of September is expected to offer warm and sunny weather. Meteorologists anticipate more significant cooling around the end of the month, with the first half of October returning to a more typical character. The forecast covers the period from September 18 to October 15.

“The first and second weeks will be dominated by Indian summer weather, with above-average temperatures reaching over 20°C and temporarily exceeding 25°C in lowland areas. Average minimum nighttime temperatures will be around 11°C,” the meteorologists stated. They also mentioned that it will be cooler only towards the end of the current week and temporarily in valleys.

On Monday, temperatures still reached the tropical thirties in some places. In Tuhani, a temperature of 30.9 degrees was recorded, but it is unlikely that temperatures will rise that high again this year. The warmest day for the rest of this week is expected to be Thursday, with temperatures reaching up to 28 degrees.

Summer Temperatures to Subside Until the Weekend

Although there will be partial temperature drops, meteorologists expect more significant cooling in the first half of October.

“Minimum temperatures will range between 10 and 5°C, with maximum temperatures most frequently between 14 and 18°C,” stated ČHMÚ, adding that even during this period, shorter episodes of warmer Indian summer weather are not excluded.

Regarding precipitation, meteorologists expect an average period. This week should bring several short episodes of local rainfall, “with occasional rain showers and even thunderstorms occurring on cold fronts.”

“The last week of September will be drier for the most part, while more significant and widespread rainfall will likely arrive at the end of the month, around the turn of the month. Again, isolated thunderstorms cannot be ruled out. The rest of the period will be moderately rainy, with prevailing rain showers over drizzles,” they added.

The monthly forecast represents the overall character of the weather and does not encompass all possible fluctuations, cautioned ČHMÚ. The success rate of temperature predictions is around 75 percent, while for precipitation, it is about 65 percent. The forecast for the third and fourth weeks often aligns with long-term climatic values for the respective periods.