Turning off Wi-Fi for guests to prevent the virus from spreading

Despite the fact that the terraces will be open in the Czech Republic starting Monday, May 17th, and customers will be able to use them as much as they want, Wi-Fi will be unavailable. According to the Ministry of Health, this is a precautionary step to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. People must use their own data or a public network to access the Internet.

Wi-Fi in restaurants and food courts, as well as in shopping malls was turned off by the government last year. The allowance to use an Internet connection will not take place because it is one of the intended steps to stop the coronavirus from spreading. The inability to link to the Internet, according to the health-care system, could discourage people from sitting in public places excessively.

Many citizens nowadays have internet access on their cell phones, but 94 percent of Czech adults tend to use public Wi-Fi.