Ukrainian Workers in the Czech Republic: A Significant Economic Contribution

Over 120,000 Ukrainians are currently employed in the Czech Republic. These workers contribute more to the state than they receive, demonstrating their significant role in the country’s economy.

The Czech Republic has temporarily protected nearly 600,000 Ukrainians, with about 340,000 currently residing there. Others have either returned to Ukraine or moved to other countries. Of those in the Czech Republic, 120,000 are employed, with 87% in employment relationships contributing to social security.

Ukrainian refugees are spread throughout the Czech Republic, with the highest number per capita in Plzen city. The exact number of Ukrainian refugees in Czech territory is 338,736. Economic active individuals are 61% women and 39% men.

Previous data from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs indicated that working Ukrainian refugees contribute more to the state treasury through levies and taxes than the state spends on humanitarian benefits. At the start of this year, the state provided them with 0.9 billion crowns, while Ukrainians “returned” 1.9 billion to the system.

The temporary protection granted, valid until the end of next March, allows Ukrainians to enter the labor market, the education system, or health insurance. According to Pavla Novotná, the director of the asylum and migration policy department, the number of employed Ukrainians is above average in the European context.

“Long-term residence for those who work and do not receive benefits” was also introduced in the Lex Ukraine amendment, heading to the inter-ministerial commenting procedure. Ukrainian refugees who do not receive benefits from the state and are economically independent will be able to obtain regular residential status under the Foreigners’ Residence Act in the form of long-term residence.