Unemployment in the Czech Republic rose in January

In January, the unemployment rate in the Czech Republic reached 2.3 percent. Year on year, it is down by one percentage point. Month-on-month, it is one-tenth of a percentage point higher. The data from the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) showed this.

The unemployment rate for men reached two percent, while it was 2.6 percent for women. In the first month of the year, the proportion of employed people in the total population reached 75.2 percent.

“Employment increased for men in the first month of the year. Its overall rate increased by 1.6 percent year on year, leading to the return of a higher share of economically active people in the labor market,” said Ilona Mendlová from the Labour Force, Migration, and Equal Opportunities Department of the CZSO.

The Labour Office also measures unemployment in the Czech Republic. According to its data, the January rate was 3.6 percent. According to Eurostat, the European statistical office, unemployment was lower, at 2.2 percent.