Upcoming Transport Minister promises to accelerate the construction of motorways

Tens of kilometers of motorways will be built in the Czech Republic annually for the next few years, according to Martin Kupka (ODS), candidate for Transport Minister. In addition to completing the motorway network, the priority is also the preparation and construction of high-speed railways and their connection to the European rail network. On Monday, Kupka informed journalists about these plans after meeting with President Miloš Zeman in Lány.

Kupka mentioned the completion of the D35 and D3 motorways, the construction of the Prague ring road, and the road connecting Brno with Vienna. “I presented to the President my view of what can be realistically managed,” Kupka said. He added that the preparation of construction would be necessary. For example, a reasonable goal would be to build around 40 kilometers of new motorway per year.

Another critical topic mentioned in Kupka’s meeting with the President was the development of waterways and water transport in Czech rivers. In this area, the ministerial candidate promised the completion of the Děčín and Přelouč navigation stages on the Elbe river, which he perceives as crucial. However, there are significant discrepancies between the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of the Environment for their construction. The Ministry of Transport and the Directorate of Waterways have paid more than CZK 925 million to prepare these projects so far.

According to Kupka, the ministry has a historical debt in completing infrastructure, which will require a full-time minister. He mentioned this in the context that he will give up other positions if he becomes a minister. Kupka has previously said he plans to resign as deputy governor of Central Bohemia and his seat on the regional council. At the same time, he will resign as mayor of Líbeznice u Prahy, but he would like to remain on the municipal board.

The cycle of meetings should end on Friday, December 10. So far, eight proposed members of the future government have visited the President in Lány. The President has to be in isolation because of his infection with Covid. He sits in a wheelchair in a Plexiglas cell during the meetings while the debate is conducted.