Válek dismissed Arenberger as head of Vinohrady Hospital

Petr Horník

Health Minister Vlastimil Válek (TOP 09) has dismissed Petr Arenberger from his position as director of the Královské Vinohrady Hospital. Shortly before that, Arenberger himself announced his resignation, saying he intended to devote himself to the dermatology clinic there.

Dermatologist Arenberger has headed the hospital since October 2019. Deputy Jan Votava has been temporarily entrusted with the management of the hospital. From April to May last year, Arenberger was a health minister. He replaced Jan Blatný and was succeeded by Adam Vojtěch (both for ANO).

The media pointed out that Arenberger failed to declare ownership of several properties in his asset declaration. The reason for Arenberger’s resignation as minister was pressure on his family.

Arenberger himself informed the media just before the ministry announced his dismissal as the head of the hospital that he had resigned, saying that “the time has come for him to return in its entirety to his medical expertise at the head of the dermatology clinic and science and research at the FNKV.”

In the press release, Arenberger, 33, described the events of last spring as “media pseudo-causations.” He said the hospital has started to perform better in recent years, with an economic result of 252 million crowns in 2020 and an expected 743 million crowns last year.