Válek wants one free antigen test in October

Vlastimil Válek (TOP 09), the head of the Ministry of Health, wants one free antigen test per month from September. People could take the test even without a doctor’s request. He said this on Monday while presenting a campaign to promote vaccination. At the same time, he ruled out draconian measures.

“I would like us to have one antigen test from October without a doctor’s request. So one will directly go for it,” the health minister announced.

He said the government was not planning draconian measures. “It has been confirmed that the draconian measures that have been introduced have only resulted in economic losses. Today, it is unnecessary. We are not going to go the way of pseudo countries like North Korea,” he said.

However, he conceded that respirators could become widespread. “I can imagine a higher use of respirators, for example, in individual cities,” Válek outlined.

“But we certainly don’t plan to introduce them across the board,” he added at a press conference on the vaccination campaign.

Válek: The autumnal wave will come 

The Health Ministry’s campaign slogan will be “Vaccinate for a life without fear” with the subtitle “Health favors the prepared.” The new campaign will appear on social media later in the summer and will start appearing in the media at the end of September.

According to a survey by the authorities, 38 percent of the population is interested in the fourth benefit, with a fifth undecided. “The vaccination will probably have to be repeated as long as the virus is with us,” said Válek.

“We’re ready for the fall wave that will undoubtedly come. It is probably a little later than we expected,” the minister added.