Vojtěch: Get Vaccinated, We Won’t Pay For Your Tests Anymore

“We don’t want to persecute people. But we have to take into account the costs. The tests are already voluminous. If a person can get vaccinated, we want them to do so,” Vojtěch told reporters in the lower house.

Insurance companies would continue to pay for tests for people who have symptoms of coronavirus and are sent for tests by a doctor or hygienist. Vojtech said they should also continue to cover citizens who cannot get vaccinated and children under 12 for whom the vaccine is not available.

Vojtěch also expects that confirmation of infection-free status (test, vaccination, passing the covid) will probably still be needed in the autumn, for example when travelling.

Whether people will also have to show it when visiting a restaurant or cultural event will depend on the epidemiological situation. “But the situation may worsen after the summer,” Vojtěch said.

“The point is that people should not unreasonably refuse vaccines provided free of charge by the state and, on the other hand, should not drain the state’s finances, i.e. all of us, for the tests needed for their leisure activities, such as holidays, or for using services or attending mass events,” Maďar told the Czech News Agency.

Vaccination against coronavirus is not compulsory.