Vojtěch: We won’t close any shops in autumn

Shops, theatres, and other places will no longer be closed because of the coronavirus. This was said by Health Minister Adam Vojtěch (ANO) on Tuesday. According to him, even the most pessimistic scenario of coming autumn will not achieve similar increases in infected people as last year. 

The Ministry of Health has prepared three scenarios for the development of a pandemic this autumn. Vojtěch described these as optimistic, realistic, and pessimistic. In the case of the last and worst-case scenario, Vojtěch said there should be no repeat of last autumn in terms of the number of infected people. “The pessimistic one counts on about 70 percent of cases compared to the autumn or winter wave,” Vojtech said.

The health ministry chief said he does not expect the numbers to be high enough again to cause stores, theaters, and similar events to close.

However, some restrictions may occur after all. “What may happen is that some mass events will be canceled,” Vojtěch mentioned, adding that stricter rules on respiratory protection may also be adopted. “For the time being, however, we are confirming a rather optimistic scenario,” he added.

Vojtěch defended the use of a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine. This, he said, should be aimed primarily at the elderly and those with weakened immunity. Experts say the vaccine is only effective in such people for a minimal period, estimated to be only eight months. “That’s why we recommend it. It’s a kind of insurance before the coming autumn that these groups will not be at risk of covid, ” Vojtěch said.