Wet, heavy snow complicates traffic in northern Bohemia

Heavy snowfall hit parts of the Central Bohemia and Liberec regions on Wednesday morning. According to meteorologists, around six centimeters of wet snow may fall in three hours around Mladá Boleslav, Mnichovo Hradiště, Nymburk, Česká Lípa, and Liberec. There were problems on the D10 motorway, especially on the road from Liberec to Turnov.

On the D10 motorway after Prague in the direction of Mladá Boleslav, only one lane was passable in the morning. On Route 35 between Liberec and Turnov, trucks were stuck on the hill near Paceřice in both directions. The same happened on Road 16 near Nemyslovice in the Mladá Boleslav region.

Drivers on this road must also expect significant delays between Jičín and Mladá Boleslav. The delays are due to traffic jams near Sukorady. In the villages of Ohařice, Dolní Lochov, Holín, and Ohaveč in the Jičín region, ice is covering the road, and traffic jams are forming, the police said.

Due to snow, the road over Oldichovské sedlo to Raspenava has been closed to trucks weighing more than six tonnes since 9 a.m.The road lies in a protected area; road workers cannot salt it. Truck drivers must go to Raspenava and Hejnice via road 13 through Frýdlant, which is maintained chemically. The road is passable for buses and cars.

According to Petr Správka, the director of LK Roads, which maintains regional roads and main roads except I/35, motorists should exercise caution not only in the Liberec region but also in the Českolipsko region, particularly in the Práchno and Svor areas, where there is snow on the roads.

In Prague, the snow has melted

Suburban buses around Prague were running late this morning. “All connections in this area are delayed; some connections are not running due to accidents or stalled cars,” tweeted Prague Integrated Transport.

There has been little snowfall in the capital, and the snow is melting fast.

Meteorologists updated the warning of heavy snowfall early this morning, warning that the regions of Mladá Boleslav, Mnichovo Hradiště, Nymburk in the Central Bohemia region and Česká Lípa and Liberec in the Liberec region were hit by heavy snowfall early this morning.

“According to radar estimates and rain gauge measurements, heavy snowfall occurs and could produce more than three centimeters of wet snow in one hour or more than six centimeters in three hours. The intensity of snowfall will gradually weaken,” the CHMU said.

There were problems in Nymburk this morning on the railway, with connections to Poříčany not running early in the morning due to a snow-covered switch. Traffic between Mladá Boleslav and Bakov nad Jizerou was interrupted due to a fallen tree.

On the roadways at higher altitudes in the Moravian-Silesian Region, there is a layer of snow or remnants of melted snow after chemical treatment. In addition, the police have closed the road from Ostravice to the Slovak border again for trucks.