What has the cabinet approved from September?

Restaurants will be able to seat six people at a table from September instead of the current four. The conditions for visits to zoos and galleries will be relaxed, and the capacity for sporting and cultural events will be increased. The government approved this on Monday.

Only four people will be allowed at a table in restaurants until the end of August, but from September 1, it will be six. Health Minister Adam Vojtěch (ANO) said this at a press conference after an extraordinary government meeting.

On the same date, the rules for attending sporting or cultural events will also change. “It will continue to be possible to occupy up to 100 percent of the capacity. Above 3,000, the capacity of a hall, hall, or stadium can be filled, with the proviso that 50 percent of people must have at least a negative test and the other half must be two weeks after the vaccination has been completed, or a maximum of 180 days after having received a covid, ” Vojtěch explained.

According to Vojtěch, it is a fair agreement that representatives of the Ministry of Culture and the sports sector have agreed to. Since August, the terms have been loosened when it was agreed that up to seven thousand people could be outside and three thousand people inside at sporting and cultural events. Up to three thousand people will still be indifferent to what variant of infection-free people prove themselves.

At the same time, he said, the capacity to fill museums, galleries, castles, or zoos was also increased by 100 per cent. Currently, only 75 percent of visitors can enter the buildings or grounds. But organisers will have to allow people 1.5m spacing.

From September, it will also be possible to use online testing, for example, to visit barbershops or for mass events as an alternative to on-site testing. “This is testing where a person tests themselves under the supervision of a health professional who is connected via webcam. The validity of the test will subsequently be 24 hours, ” the Health Minister added.