Where to Shop During the Holiday?

October 28th marks the Day of the Establishment of the Independent Czechoslovak State. While most large stores must be closed on this national holiday, there are still places where you can go shopping without any problems. Novinky provides a summary of how the opening hours are affected.

The law on business hours, implemented in 2016, imposes a ban on sales for retail stores over 200 square meters on public holidays, confusing many people even years after its introduction. However, this ban does not apply to all holidays.

The aim of the law, which determines the opening hours of stores, was to allow employees in the retail sector to spend at least some of the national holidays with their families. The national holiday on October 28th is one of the holidays the law applies.

Holidays with Sales BanHolidays with No Sales Ban
January 1st – Restoration Day of the Independent Czech State and New Year’s DayGood Friday – movable holiday
Easter MondayMay 1st – Labor Day
May 8th – Victory DayJanuary 1st – Restoration Day of the Independent Czech State and New Year’s Day
July 5th – Cyril and Methodius DaySeptember 28th – Czech Statehood Day
July 6th – Burning of Jan HusOctober 28th – Day of the Establishment of the Independent Czechoslovak State
December 25th – Christmas DayNovember 17th – Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day
December 26th – 2nd Christmas Day

Where You Can’t Shop on October 28th

In general, large stores will be closed on October 28th as the law on business hours in retail does not allow stores over 200 square meters to operate on this day. This means that hypermarkets and supermarkets will be closed.

Hobby stores and specific shopping centers will also not be open on October 28th, so it is better to do your shopping in advance.

Where You Can Shop During the Holiday

The law on business hours does not apply to stores with a sales area of up to 200 square meters, gas stations, pharmacies, stores in healthcare facilities, as well as stores located in places with a high concentration of travelers, such as airports and train stations.

Wholesale stores are also not subject to the sales ban. Therefore, Makro will have all its stores open, operating under regular business hours, including delivery services. Last-minute shopping can also be done through online stores.

What We Commemorate on October 28th

The Czech Republic commemorates the establishment of Czechoslovakia on October 28th. On this day, the President awards state honors, and traditional wreath-laying ceremonies occur in many locations nationwide.

The proclamation of independent Czechoslovakia followed years spent under the rule of Austria-Hungary and intense efforts by the Czechs to strengthen their national identity and emancipation within the monarchy. The complete separation and independence gained accurate outlines during the First World War, which accelerated the formation of a new state. Czechoslovakia itself was established on October 28, 1918.

This year, the Day of the Establishment of the Independent Czechoslovak State, celebrated on October 28th, falls on a Saturday.