Zeman to meet Babiš on Sunday

Milan Malíček

The ANO chairman will head to the Castle in Lány on Sunday, where President Miloš Zeman will receive him. The Castle was informed about the meeting on Thursday without further details. On Monday, after many delays, the ANO movement plans to announce who will be its presidential candidate.

The meeting, which spokesman Jiří Ovčáček announced, is due to take place on Sunday afternoon.

ANO will present its presidential candidate on Monday afternoon. Babiš has been consistently vague about his possible candidacy and repeatedly postponed his decision date.

Initially, the ANO movement was supposed to announce its decision this week, but because the chairman was quarantined due to COVID, the deadline was postponed to October 31.

Although Babiš has never confirmed or denied his candidacy, for many months, he has been the main favorite, according to polls. Recently, however, the votes have favored retired general Petr Pavel. Models for a possible second round, then give other candidates a chance against Babiš.

Zeman has repeatedly expressed his support for Babiš’s candidacy in the past.